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Showcase : Vendors : Trafo Electrics Pvt. Ltd.
                                        Here, Trafo Electrics Pvt. Ltd. is featuring as our Premium Vendors!
About Trafo Electrics Pvt. Ltd.

                           Trafo Electric Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the 42 year old Multi-crore ALLSTATE Group, manufacturing Power & Distribution Transformers. Trafo was formerly in technical and marketing collaboration with M/s. Crompton Greaves Ltd., for a period of 5 years.

                           Trafo’s manufacturing facilities at MIDC, Chinchwad near Pune, spread across 30,000 Sq.ft., is equipped with all modern manufacturing machinery’s and testing instruments required for production of transformers under IS-2026/1977. more about Trafo!
Website: www.trafo.co.in  
Products Offered:
Power Distribution Transformers:

Construction: CORE
                          The Core is built up from interleaved low loss cold rolled, grain oriented steel laminations. Individual stampings are coated on both sides with an insulation material which is both oil and temperature resistant. The Core limbs are security bound with heavy duty webbed cotton tapes and the yokes are firmly clamped between steel channels. All cores have metered joints. Top and bottom clamps are secured to each other by means of tierods v/which serve the dual purpose of securing the windings in place and of transferring the load from the bottom to the top clamps v\/hen the core and windings are lifted. This prevents tensile stresses being set up in the core legs which could adversely affect the iron tosses.  more about Products!
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