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Electrical Safety Checklist: 
1) Heaters should be away from inflammable materials like curtains & newspapers (at least 3 ft. ).
2) All plug outlets must be child proof.
3) Electrical products such as hair dryer & curling should be unplugged when not in use.
4) ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) must be installed.
5) Fuse Box / Circuit Breaker must be labeled properly with a fuse or circuit board,
6) If there is repeatedly a trip, then get a professional inspection done.
7) GFCI receptacles are a must whenever electrical outlets & water are close to one another.
8) Keep electrically powered yard-care tools like lawnmower, weed whacker dry.
9) Make sure power cords are not subject to excessive pressure which can cause cuts & consequently electrical fire.
Promoters shelve plans for India’s third electricity exchange
23 APR, 2014, 04.00AM IST,  ET BUREAU 
NEW DELHI: The promoters of National Power Exchange Ltd (NPEX) have decided to wind up what would have been the country's third electricity exchange. State-run ,  and Power Finance Corporation (PFC) had joined hands with private IT services provider TCS in 2007 to launch the exchange which got a permission from the electricity regulator two years later to trade electricity in the short-term market. 

The two power exchanges operational in India, Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange of India Ltd (PXIL), account for trading of nearly 3% electricity generated in the country. "NPEX could have been India's first electricity exchange but the promoters could not take it forward despite being the early entrant. Also, they could not work in tandem and PFC ended up acquiring stake in PXIL while other partners were indecisive," an industry executive said. 

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission said in an order on April 17, "Since the group of promoters of NPEX has recommended for voluntary winding up of the company and board of NPEX has decided not to renew the licence for setting up and operation of the Power Exchange, the commission is of the view that the permission accorded to NPEX for setting up and operation of Power Exchange should be withdrawn." 

Three years after granting approval, the regulator had observed that the promoters did not progress further on setting up the exchange and asked them to place on record the progress they had made. The regulator also sought definite action plan and firm date of commencement of operations at the exchange. However, the promoters sought more time from the regulator. Subsequently, last month, NPEX promoters decided to voluntary wind up the company and not to seek renewal of their licence for short-term electricity trading.
Statistical Review August 2011
- Capacity addition 1.2GW vs Target of 2.8GW
- Base deficit 4.8% (down 20bp YoY)
- Peak deficit 8.6% (down 210bp YoY)
- Power generated 72BUs (up 9.1% YoY)
- PLF 63.2% (up 213bp YoY)
- Short term prices INR2.5/unit for week ended 14th Sept (v/s INR3.1 for week ended 14th August)
National Seminar :" India Power Sector- Challenges, Opportunities & Conversion of Vission into Reality"
On Friday, 6th February 2004 at Hotel Taj Lands End, Bandra(W), Mumbai
Misc News, Tips & Tricks
Lightning Strikes :
Transformers generally are installed in the open and are vulnerable to lightning strikes during mansoons.
Lightning Arrestors are generally used to protect damage.
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