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About Power Supply in India :

        60% of Indian families still do not have electricity in their homes. 22% of power generated does not reach the consumers and probably 40% does not get paid for

         Present installed capacity is 94,000 MW.

          The estimated demand for additional capacity by the year 2012 (end of the 11th Five year Plan) is expected to be 1,27,000 MW at an estimated outlay of Rs.525,000 million (USD 12,068 million)
Industry Attractions:
  • Top priority assigned by Government of India for development of Power Sector Rs.3,25,000 million of investment represents enormous demand potential for plant, equipment, instrumentation and services for power projects.
  • 45,000 MW of capacity for multinational and private sector investment (18,000 MW in 9th Plan).
  • The renewable energy potential is 19,500 MW.
  • Reduced duty of 20% on import of equipment for renewable energy (wind, solar etc.)j
Other Industry Facts:
  • Loss to India due to poor quality power, lose Rs.22,000 crore in 2003.
  • In 1956 Calder Hall, Cumbria, UK, was the first nuclear ower station in the world to provide station in the world to provide electricity commercially.
  • It takes approximately 2 million joules of energy to boil a pot of coffee.
  • A piece of buttered toast contians approximately 315 kilojoules of energy, enough to power a light bulb for about one-and-a-half hours.
  • Hydropower supplies 24% of the worls'd power to 1 billion people worldwide.
  • 10% of total US generating capacity is fuelled by natural fas, about the same as hydropower. More than half of US capacity is coal-fired, with nuclear power accounting for 20%.
  • 24 cent /kwh: the price charged for electricity produced at Thomas Edison's forst plant built in 1882. Current average US price is about 6.3 cents/kwh.
  • Currently, all the dams in the world produce about 2,044 million MW hours of electricity.

             1 million users of electricity in Delhi are unregistered, so 2.4 million official users are paying (loosing) 800 crore a year to subsidise thieves.
Limit of 3 years by the Ministry to manufacturers of 8 product categories:

             A time limit of 3 years has been given by the Ministry to manufacturers of 8 product categories that should carry labels regarding consumption of energy. The identified products include air-conditioners, heaters, motors, agri-pumps, lighting systems, distribution transformers, industrial fans and air compressors.
Recommended Schedule of Instructions for Energising Power Transformer
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